About us

Zhejiang Yuli Industry Limited

We are a professional E-commerce and trade company focusing on the market research,product development and production of Packaging & Printing products base on the local advantage of Packaging & Printing product supplier chian and government support, the company is a trusted and associated supplier who integrated more than one hundred quality suppliers of Packaging & Printing product, which mainly cover Paper Packaging, Plastic Packaging, Packaging & Printing Services, Logistics Packaging and Packaging Raw Materials, in a word we have possessed strong supply chain management capabilities,with over 300square meters of an indoor showroom to display all kinds of Packaging & Printing products,such as Papers, Paper Boxes, Paper Bags, Paperboards case, Corrugated container, Food packing container, Plastic Film, Plastic Cups, Plastic Bags, Plastic Boxes, Cosmetics package items, Protective & Cushioning Material, Packaging Auxiliary Materials, Packaging Labels, Hangtags, Handles, Lids,Adhesive Paper & Film, Gift Ribbons, Offset printing, Plastic Printing, Transfer Printing, Metal Printing, Packaging Design etc.

We provide all customers one-stop solution for purchase,if you should have any futher information, please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose us

Industrial advantage

Located at Longgang city.
Center of printing industry in China=> industrial advantage.
Near to Ningbo harbour and Yiwu City=> transportation advantage.

Professional Teams

Experienced designer and business personnel.
Design Director=> Mr SW Chen=> more than 20 years design experience.
Sales Manager=> Alice Chen=>more than 15 years foreign trade experience.

Perfect Supply Chain

More than one hundred quality supplier.
Thousands of products for preference.

Delivery Performance

In-stock items=> less MOQ & faster delivery.
Customized packaging solutions.


Gsm => +86 131 8585 6805


Longgang City

Wenzhou, 325802,China